The Genetic Resources Research Institute (GeRRI), under the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Act of 2013 was elevated to a semi-autonomous research Institute. It takes over from the former National Genebank of Kenya (NGBK) which became operational in July 1988. The institute is responsible for conserving plant genetic resources, animal and microbial genetic resources. Genetic resources are essential basic building blocks utilized in research to develop improved technologies for enhanced agricultural production. Their effective conservation and use is therefore a critical role in food security assurance, agricultural resilience and economic growth.

The existing facility has a capacity of 150 m3 in two storage cell of 75 m3 each. One storage cell runs at -20oC while the other runs at 5oC. Currently the Genebank has over 45,000 accessions belonging to over 2,000 crop species of mainly their landraces and their wild relatives acquired through donations and field collection expeditions from various parts of the country. more..